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5 Keys to maximizing your family's happiness and leaving a lasting legacy

"The Philanthropic Family fits a bookshelf into one book: Truly valuable perspective for families in transition, concerned parents, new inheritors, impact minded donors, and for how advisers can make it all happen."

Paul Nazareth, Vice President - Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP)


About The Author

Warren A. MacKenzie

Warren MacKenzie studied religion, philosophy and psychology at university, and after completing an education degree at Dalhousie University he began teaching school in Nova Scotia. He left teaching to become a Chartered Professional Accountant. Eventually he left public accounting to work as a financial advisor with a major brokerage firm, where he earned the CFP, CIMA, and CIM designations.

Warren is the author of Zen and the Art of Wealth: Finding Your Way to Happiness and Financial Security and The Unbiased Advisor and is co-author of New Rules of Retirement and The C.A.R.P. Financial Planning Guide. He has written numerous investment articles for magazines and is a regular contributor to Canadian MoneySaver magazine and the Financial Facelift column in The Globe and Mail.

Warren’s greatest wealth comes from recognizing his good fortune to be born in Canada; from his family (including 11 grandchildren) and good friends; and from a sense of purpose, accomplishments, and self-knowledge acquired through meditation.

Warren is passionate about helping parents introduce their children and grandchildren to a way of life that will maximize their happiness. The path to happiness is not a secret – all the great religions and great philosophers say the same thing: The most lasting joy and happiness come from helping other people!

Praise for The Philanthropic Family!

"The Philanthropic Family speaks first and foremost to intentionality.  By inviting people to plan and think about their relationship with their communities.  Warren is providing concrete ideas for advancing philanthropic conversation.  This is a powerful first step in building future generations of generous citizens."

Bruce MacDonald, President and CEO, Imagine Canada

The Philanthropic Family fits a bookshelf into one book.  Truly valuable perspectives for families in transition, concerned parents, new inheritors, impact minded donors, and for how advisors can make it all happen. 

Paul Nazareth, Vice President, Canadian Association of Gift Planners  (CAGP)

Warren MacKenzie’s book unravels the challenges many Canadian families are facing when it comes to imparting the best-advised philanthropic wisdom for their kids, through a sound, financially prudent lens. This book is an insight and a guide to best practices of partnering charity and finances and is a must-read.

Mike Todd, Director of Charitable Investment

Programs, CHIMP

The book is a great overview of the many parts at play within families who wish to build lasting legacies. It’s about raising your children to understand the benefits of charitable giving, family estate planning, goal setting and gift planning strategies. It’s about a family of giving.
Sandra Mimic Smith, Philanthropy Officer and Gift Planning
St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation

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